The Baldwin family have been custom home builders in the Traverse City area since 1928

George Baldwin  James Baldwin  Richard Baldwin

Richard Baldwin, owner and builder of Baldwin Homes Incorporated, started working on job sites while still in elementary school. His grandpa George, a builder and real estate broker, was known around town for his strong work ethic and quality craftsmanship. Grandpa George had Richard picking up nails, sweeping and learning the trade of building at an early age. Richard’s father, James Baldwin, a builder and real estate agent since 1959, taught Richard the importance of details and using quality materials. Richard became part of his father’s construction crew in middle school. By the time he graduated from high school at the age of 18, he had earned his builder’s license from the State of Michigan. Today, Richard continues the family tradition of quality home building in Northern Michigan. He is involved in the construction process from the very beginning. He believes that pairing the design and layout of the home to match the unique aspects of the lot is crucial. His extensive experience in land development allows Richard to understand grades and elevations and prepare the lot for the home, careful to maintain the integrity of the land. He is an integral part of every stage in the building process, treating each home as if it will be his own. Like his grandfather, and his father, Richard will only put his name on a product that exemplifies perfection. Each Baldwin Home exudes its own unique character and is built to withstand generations. Create your own family traditions in a Baldwin Home.